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Trade Marks Amendment Bill

9 September 2011

The Trade Marks Amendment Bill received its third reading in Parliament on Thursday 8 September 2011.

Upon enactment of the Bill a number of provisions enter into force including the removal of licensees, the ability to remove memorandums and allowing New Zealand to use the latest edition of the Nice Classification for goods and services.

Passage of the Bill paves the way for New Zealand's accession to the Madrid Protocol. The Protocol provides a cost effective method of applying for and maintaining trade marks for New Zealand businesses who trade in multiple jurisdictions. It also makes doing business with New Zealand much easier for overseas companies who file trade marks in multiple jurisdictions.

Acceding to the Madrid Protocol is a big step in the alignment of the New Zealand and Australian trade mark regimes.

IPONZ will announce an enactment date for the Bill and a consultation timetable for the regulations in due course.