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IP scams and unsolicited emails

5 June 2013

IPONZ has noticed an increasing amount of IP scams and unsolicited IP-related schemes lately, and warns clients to watch out for them.

If you receive any communications about your IP cases:

  1. outside of IPONZ’s case management facility; or
  2. from anyone other than your appointed IP professional; or
  3. from anyone other than WIPO in the case of an International Trade Mark or PCT application; or
  4. other than from IPONZ when in relation to a renewal

you should treat them with suspicion, particularly if they are offering a service requiring a fee from you.

If you have any doubts about a communication you have received, you should contact IPONZ or your IP professional to verify its authenticity.

Further information and examples of IP scams and unsolicited IP-related schemes can be viewed on the following WIPO webpage.