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World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) magazine December 2009 No.6 cover photo and article

[image] Creative directions character 2.
[image] Creative directions character.

Characters from “Creative Directions” - the New Zealand national curriculum IP education online tool, adorn the front cover of the WIPO magazine December 2009 issue. Creative Directions was developed by the Ministry of Education and IPONZ as a public and private sector educational partnership. Media Studies Teachers; the Recording Industry of New Zealand, and New Zealand Federation Against Copyright Theft were key participants.

The New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation judging panel behind the Vero Excellence in Business Support Awards recognised the important strides IPONZ has made in getting IP into the classroom. IPONZ was a finalist in two categories and won the 2009 Government Department Award.

IPONZ doesn’t take its monopoly in being the registration authority for IP rights for granted. IPONZ continues to move with times, changing its business model from a purely administrative role to one which supports business and education providers. The IPONZ website is our virtual front door to provide smart IP information and access to trusted IP Register databases and online filing facilities which are available 24/7.

IPONZ’s Group Manager says that Examiners and IP Awareness teams often recognise student names listed as inventors or IP owners on the New Zealand IP Register. We are also pleased to see that teacher co-ordinators are gazetting student showcase events.