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2.6 Searching by applicant, agent or inventor

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IPONZ uses a structured database of client records which are linked to IP records on the register. To search for IP records by client, use the advanced search, and click Select against either Applicant/Owner, Agent, or inventor.

Client name searching is identical to case title/abstract searching. Spaces are recognised as ORs and you can use quotation marks, brackets, OR, AND, NOT, * and ? to find your desired result. 

As with title and abstract searches, punctuation in a name is treated as if it were a space.

Examples of Applicant searches

Applicant 1: JOHN SMITH

  • A search for “JOHN SMITH”, JOHN AND SMITH, “*JOHN SMITH*” or *JOHN* AND *SMITH* will return this client as a result. JOHN SMITH without speech marks or AND will return results where the client name contains either JOHN or SMITH

Applicant 2: JOHN SMITH, Inc

  • A search for “JOHN SMITH”, “JOHN SMITH,”, JOHN AND SMITH, “*JOHN SMITH*” or *JOHN* AND *SMITH* will return this client in the results

[image] Screenshot- applicant-searches.

Select the client, or clients that you wish to search the register for. Note that there may be multiple records for the same organisation in some cases. Over time IPONZ will reduce these down to single records.

Screenshot- applicant-search-results.

Those clients will now become a search criterion on the advanced search page.

[image] Screenshot-search-criterion-on-advanced-search-page.


Last updated 1 May 2013