Plant Variety Rights. Protecting new plant varieties.
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In New Zealand, the Plant Variety Rights Act 1987 governs the administration of rights to a plant variety. The Plant Variety Rights Act 1987 is accompanied by the Plant Variety Rights Regulations 1988.

This legislation provides for:

  • the administration of Plant Variety Rights, including the powers and functions of the Commissioner of Plant Variety Rights
  • establishing and maintaining the plant variety rights register
  • making and processing applications for registration of plant variety rights
  • forms and fees
  • prescribing the means to take infringement proceedings to enforce rights in a plant variety rights

Orders affecting your Rights: compulsory licences or sale orders

Any person may request the Commissioner to consider whether reasonable quantities of reproductive material (plants, seeds, etc.) of a protected variety are currently available for purchase by members of the public at a reasonable price.

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Last updated 27 November 2012