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New Zealand plant variety rights journal

The New Zealand Plant Variety Rights Journal contains information the Commissioner is required by the Plant Variety Rights Act 1987 to publish including notice of every decision to make or decline a grant and all prescribed particulars relating to applications and grants. The Commissioner can also publish any other matters and information relating to plant varieties or plant variety rights in general.

Publication of details of applications and grants constitutes public notification which is required under the Act in order to inform persons who may wish to lodge formal objections.

It is published on a quarterly basis and consists of two sections:

  • An online section about applications and grants
  • General Information section in pdf format.

The PVR online Journal section consists of nine sections as follows: 


Applications for Protection


Variety Denomination Proposals

Applications to change a denomination for a granted variety or a  variety under application. Also see section 1.


A) Withdrawal of applications

A voluntary action by the owner to withdraw an application

B) Lapse of Application

A formal action by the Office to end an application



A) PVR granted

B) PVR refused


Changes of owner or designated contact

This includes changes relating to applications and grants


A) PVR Surrender

Voluntary termination of grant by the owner

B) PVR Cancellation

Formal action by the office to end a grant

D) PVR expiry

The formal termination of the prescribed term of a grant


Correction of error

Lists formal and administrational errors corrected by either the system or the Commissioner


PVR Renewal

Lists all varieties with grant renewed in the last quarter


Confirmed denomination

Accepted denomination change for a granted variety

The General Information section contains:

  • Closing dates for applications for certain species
  • Developments for PVRO
  • Information with respect to international PVR developments e.g. new UPOV member states
  • Publication of articles relevant to PVR in New Zealand
  • Notices of change to administrative or technical practice.


View the latest Journal

View the latest Plant Variety Rights Journal general information [105 KB PDF].

To view the online section of the Plant Variety Rights Journal:

  1. From IPONZ’s homepage select the Do it now tab and go to the Do it now page.
  2. Select View Published Information (Journal). The Search Publications page displays.
  3. Choose PVR from the Domain field drop down.
  4. Either select one of the options from the Journal section field drop down, or leave No selection to search all sections.
  5. Enter dates in the Published fields to search by publication dates.
  6. Select Search.

[internal link] Search the PVR register.


The list contains the previous journal publications:


For earlier publications please see: Archived Plant Variety Rights Journals


Last updated 1 April 2016