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The Register

The Register will comprise three parts:

  • Part 1 is for enduring New Zealand Geographical Indications (GIs), namely: New Zealand, North Island and South Island.
  • Part 2 is for all registered GIs, except enduring GIs and those protected through an international agreement.
  • Part 3 is for GIs recognised through an international agreement.

Part 2 of the Register will be organised into four sections:

  • New Zealand wine GIs,
  • Foreign wine GIs,
  • New Zealand spirit GIs,
  • Foreign spirit GIs.

In respect of each registered GI, the Register will contain information including:

  • the GI,
  • the applicant’s name and contact details, including address for service,
  • the agent’s name and address (if applicable),
  • whether the GI relates to a wine or spirit,
  • the boundaries of the region to which the GI relates, unless it's a foreign GI,
  • an explanation of the quality, reputation or other characteristic that's attributable to the geographic region defined by the boundaries, unless it's a foreign GI,
  • the country or countries of origin where the GI is protected, if it's a foreign GI,
  • any proposed conditions on use of the GI,
  • the date of registration.