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Changes to the visibility of hearings documents and new method of filing confidential evidence

16 November 2015

IPONZ is planning to change the default visibility of all documents filed in hearings cases from 26 November 2015.

From this date, all documents filed in hearings cases will automatically default to being visible to both parties in the online case management facility. This gives parties the ability to look under the ‘Documents’ tab to see if their documents have successfully uploaded in real time.

In light of this change, we are also introducing a new document type, ‘Confidential Evidence’.

Documents filed as ‘Confidential Evidence’ will only be visible to IPONZ until the party that filed them confirms with the Hearings Office that its confidential evidence has been served on the other side.

Only confidential evidence should be filed using this new document type.

Please be advised that these changes will undergo extensive testing over the next few weeks, after which we will provide further updates.