Enhancement to the IPONZ Case Management Facility

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Enhancement to the IPONZ Case Management Facility

3 September 2015

The enhancements to the IPONZ case management facility effective today are as follows:

IPONZ has new branding

The Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ) and the Plant Variety Rights Office (PVR) will have a new look with the release of our new visual identity over the upcoming months.

From today, newly-generated certificates and official outgoing correspondence for Trade Marks, Patents, PCT, Designs and Plant Variety Rights will have the new visual identity. The email notifications you receive from the case management facility will also incorporate the new visual identity.

Our new visual identity is designed to show IPONZ’s position within the wider Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) family while providing IPONZ with a clean, crisp and easily recognisable stand-alone identity.

Over the upcoming months we will incorporate the new visual identity into other IPONZ publications, materials and the IPONZ website.

[image] Certificate of registration example. Click to view full screen [6 MB PDF].  [image] Sample email. Click to view full screen [527 KB PDF].
Sample versions of certificates and emails with IPONZ's new visual identity. Click to view full screen.

Update to filing a PCT national phase entry

IPONZ has updated the method of retrieving documents from WIPO when filing a PCT national phase entry application.

WIPO specifications will now be downloaded following the submission of the online application, instead of during the application process. Users will be able to preview these specifications via a link on the online application form.

The original specification or corrected specification held at WIPO will be downloaded without the search report or pamphlet.

If there have been amendments under articles 19 or 34, then these will be examined by IPONZ but they will not be part of the specifications that are automatically downloaded. Users can either provide these amendments at the time of application, or wait to respond to the examination report.

Notification of removal of agent following a change owner request

Currently when a change of owner is requested, this will automatically remove the previous agent from the case. The former agent will now receive a notification confirming their removal.

Publication date in Journal Excel report

The Excel spreadsheet of journal search results will now display the publication date of each application.