Enhancements to IPONZ’s Management Facility

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IPONZ website services will undergo an extended maintenance period between 7:00pm on Friday, 16 November and 6:00am on Monday, 19 November NZDT. The IPONZ case management facility will not be available during this time. We apologise for the inconvenience.


Enhancements to IPONZ’s Management Facility

7 May 2015

Enhancements to IPONZ’s case management facility effective today are as follows:

Search Screen Enhancements

The display of the IPONZ online search screens for Trade Marks, Patents, Designs and PVR will be updated to make navigation easier and quicker.

1. The simple search screen has been removed.

The search screens have been re-arranged and similar fields have been grouped together.

[image] Guide to online searching of the trade mark register.

 click to view full screen.

2. You can now show or hide groups of search fields.

When you click on each titled section it will expand providing you with the relevant search fields.

[image] Relevant search fields.

 click to view full screen.

3. If you are logged on, you can save your display settings.

This means when you next go to search, the display layout will be the same as the last session you saved. This is specific to each IP division and IPONZ user inbox.  


[image] How to save display settings.

 click to view full screen.

4. Client search by names.

You can now search for client names directly from search screens.  This allows you to complete a quick search for a client without selecting a specific ID.  

E.g.  Searching for “Bloggs” in the applicant/owner field will find any case with “Bloggs” somewhere in the applicant/owner name i.e. Joe Bloggs, Bloggs Cars Limited, Joe Bloggs and Jane Bloggs Incorporated. 

You will need to use wildcards (*) if you wish to find Bloggs as part of a name.  e.g. search Bloggs* to find Bloggsenhal.

You can use brackets, quotations and AND/OR functionality areinare in these fields.

To search for specific Client IDs click select on the right side of the Client Search section.

[image] Client search.

click to view full screen.

Further enhancements

Additonal document types available for trade mark and patent tasks

You will now be able to upload additional document types in the following tasks:

1. Respond to Examination Report - Objection response section

  • Priority document
  • Certified English translation of priority document

2. Respond to TM Compliance Report – Objection response section

  • Evidence
  • Supplementary Mark Image or Sound

Please note: For both trade mark and patent tasks you are still required to upload an objection response document.

Request Continued Processing for New Zealand Designated (NZD) trade marks

You will be able to request Continued Processing via the IPONZ case management facility for refused NZDs.

This option can be found under Maintain and International Registration Designating NZ (NZD) in your user inbox.