Enhancements to IPONZ’s Case Management Facility

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Enhancements to IPONZ’s Case Management Facility

Update to the provisional closed discussion

Once you have filed your patent application with a provisional specification you have 15 months to file a complete specification. IPONZ notifies you through a discussion when this period has expired. This discussion will now include information on complete application(s) which are linked to the provisional application.

Change goods and services option for international trade marks

You can now use the ‘Change goods and services’ option for International Registrations designating New Zealand (NZD). This will be available under ‘Maintain an International Registration Designating NZ (NZD)’.

Superusers can now delete member users

An IPONZ superuser can now delete member users from their organisation. This allows a deleted member to reuse their personal RealMe login on the IPONZ website as part of another organisation or as an individual.

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Published on February 05, 2015