Enhancements to the IPONZ Case Management Facility

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Enhancements to the IPONZ Case Management Facility

11 December 2015

The enhancements to the IPONZ case management facility effective as of 03 December 2015 are as follows:

Changes to visibility of hearings documents

IPONZ has made the following changes to the way documents are handled for hearings cases.

  1. Documents filed in hearings cases will now automatically default to being visible to both parties only.
  2. Documents will retain their original file names upon upload.
  3. The case management facility will display the date on which documents were submitted.

New 'Confidential Evidence' document type for hearings

A new document type 'Confidential Evidence' has been added to identify confidential information submitted as part of a hearings case. Only IPONZ will be able to view these documents until the party who submitted them has confirmed to the Hearings Office that they have been served on the other side.

Only confidential evidence should be filed using this new document type.

Uploading documents to multiple hearings cases

Users can now upload documents to multiple hearings cases by entering all of the respective case numbers in the document upload screen.

Submitting applications for rectification of a trade mark

Users may now submit requests to rectify and/or correct the Register through the online case management facility.

Requests on Patent applications made open to public inspection

All Patent cases under the Patents Act 2013 which become open to public inspection will now have their linked request cases become open to public inspection as well. This change is retroactive, and will apply to all Patents and Patent Applications to which section 78 applies.

Request cases cannot be directly searched, but may be viewed by following the hyperlinks under ‘Linked Case(s)’ on a case Bibliographic page.

[image] Screenshot - Linked cases.