Technical guidance

Technical guidance

IPONZ/PVR Office publishes technical guidance providing detailed information for plant variety rights testing practices including growing trial requirements, supply of plant material and other testing and examination activities.


The technical guidance published to date under the Plant Variety Rights Act 1987 is listed below.

Technical guidance published under the Plant Variety Rights Act 1987 remains relevant to the Plant Variety Rights Act 2022. This guidance may be updated in time.

We are currently in the process of drafting technical guidance on new seed requirements for grass varieties under the Plant Variety Rights Act 2022.

Technical focus group

The purpose of the Plant Variety Rights Technical Focus Group (TFG) is to provide a forum for communication between client representatives and IPONZ in relation to the provision of intellectual property services on plant variety rights in New Zealand. The Group meets to:

  • Act as a formal avenue to exchange information and input on the national variety protection scheme.
  • Provide an opportunity for users to comment on matters that concern them, or questions about operational practice.

Read the following notes from the meetings.