To access our online services, you need to be a registered user of our online case management facility.

Our online services are accessible via RealMe®. You will need a RealMe® account to create a user account in the IPONZ online case management facility, and your RealMe® credentials will be used to log into this account.

Creating a user account with IPONZ involves no joining or maintenance fees. You will only be charged for the services you use.

Become a registered user

You will need to create a user account in order to access our online case management facility, file new applications, or manage existing cases.

Create and maintain users for an organisation

You can set up user accounts for multiple users under the same organisation. This will allow those users to file applications and manage cases for your organisation in our online case management facility.

Set up teams of users for an organisation

If your organisation involves multiple groups of people who require shared access to specific cases, you can set up teams for these users in our case management facility so that you don’t have to share any login information.

Managing your account

Search, add or change names or addresses in the IPONZ case management facility.

Managing your inbox and cases

Once you have logged into our case management facility you’ll go straight to your IPONZ inbox. Here, you can access your cases and manage your IP applications.

Incorporation of existing patent attorney firms

Newly-incorporated patent attorney firms are required to notify IPONZ of their incorporation. The details and requirements of this process may be found here.


Applications and requests are processed at IPONZ according to specific timeframes, which are updated periodically.