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Patent attorney information

Patent attorney information
The trans-Tasman patent attorney register records the names of all registered patent attorneys licensed to provide patents advice in New Zealand and Australia.


About IP Copyright
Copyright protects your original works like artwork, books, computer programs, drawings, films, music, and sound recordings.

Enforcing copyright

About IP Copyright Enforcing copyright
You're responsible for monitoring the way your copyright is used, and protecting it against infringement. If your copyright has been infringed within New Zealand, get assistance from an intellectual property (IP) attorney to take civil action on your behalf.


About IP Copyright Legislation
The Copyright Act 1994 (the Act) allows copyright owners to control certain activities relating to the use and dissemination of their works. The legislation provides for border protection measures and both civil and criminal action infringement penalties. The Act is...

File sharing infringement

About IP Copyright File sharing infringement
File sharing makes digitally stored information available for others to access across the internet. Multiple users can share content using peer-to-peer networks or applications.


About IP Designs
A design in New Zealand is defined as the new or original features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornament applied to an article by any industrial process or means.

Apply for Plant Variety Rights

About IP Plant variety rights Apply
This page outlines how to apply for a grant of Plant Variety Rights for a new plant variety, so you can have the exclusive right to produce for sale and sell propagating material of the variety.

Māori Advisory Committees

About IP Māori IP Māori Advisory Committees
Intellectual property applications that include a Māori element may be referred to a Māori Advisory Committee for consultation.

Patent attorney registration and renewal

Patent attorney registration and renewal
Individuals or incorporated patent attorney firms who wish to practice as patent attorneys in New Zealand or Australia must be registered under the joint trans-Tasman registration regime.

Search and preliminary advice

About IP Trade marks Search and preliminary advice
If you’re unfamiliar with the trade mark registration process, apply for a search and preliminary advice report first. It will provide you with an assessment of whether your desired trade mark is likely to comply with two important areas examined under the Trade Marks Act 2002.

Trade Mark Check Trade Mark Check

See if a trade mark like yours already exists on the NZ Register.
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