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Trade marks

About IP Trade marks
You can distinguish your goods or services in the market place by using a trade mark. Your trade mark could include words, colours, logos, shapes, sounds, smells or any combination of these.


About IP Copyright
Protects your original works like artwork, books, computer programs, drawings, films, music, and sound recordings. Protection is free and applies automatically.

Ownership and protection

About IP Copyright Ownership and protection
The person who created the works is usually the owner of any copyright unless the work is created in the course of employment or someone commissions and agrees to pay for it, in which case the rights will have been reassigned.

Licensing copyright

About IP Copyright Licensing copyright
Copyright owners can appoint a licensing agency (often called a collective agency or society) to licence their rights on a collective basis. This can be a simple and cost-effective solution for both the copyright owners and users.

Duration of copyright

About IP Copyright Duration
New Zealand copyright protection time limits.

Finding copyright owners

About IP Copyright Finding copyright owners
If a work has been published, contact the publisher in the first instance. Even if the publisher doesn't own the copyright, they can usually tell you who you need to contact.

Getting permission

About IP Copyright Getting permission
Permission to use a copyright work must be obtained from the owner or someone they have authorised. This may include a publisher, manager or licence agency.

Use of copyright works

About IP Copyright Use of copyright works
The copyright owners are entitled to be asked for their permission for the use of their work.