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Patent attorney information

Patent attorney information
Register of trans-Tasman Patent AttorneysThe trans-Tasman patent attorney register records the names of all registered patent attorneys licensed to provide patents advice in New Zealand and Australia.If you require the services of a patent attorney, or want to verify the...

Search results

Search results

Trade marks

About IP Trade marks


About IP Copyright

Ownership and protection

About IP Copyright Ownership and protection
In New Zealand, there is no copyright register or application process needed to be granted copyright protection. Protection comes into effect automatically when an original copyright work is created, published or performed (Copyright Act 1994).There are a few things you...

Licensing copyright

About IP Copyright Licensing copyright
A licensing agency will monitor the use of works, and collect licence fees on the owners’ behalf. The licensed users (sometimes called subscribers) gain permission to use all the works in the collection under the terms and conditions of the...

Duration of copyright

About IP Copyright Duration
New Zealand copyright protection time limits. Literary works 50 years from the end of...

Finding copyright owners

About IP Copyright Finding copyright owners
The first place to look is on the material you want to use. For example imprint pages on books (at the beginning of the printed work), on CD/DVD packaging, the copyright notice at the end of a film or TV...

Getting permission

About IP Copyright Getting permission
Generally, if you want to use someone else’s work (such as text, music or a photograph) in a way that copyright exclusively reserves to the copyright owner (such as copying or uploading onto a website), you will need permission.Note: Acknowledging...