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Duration of copyright

About IP Copyright Duration
The time limit provided by copyright protection in New Zealand depends on the category of copyright work involved.

Moral and performers' rights

About IP Copyright Moral and performers' rights
Moral rights and performers’ rights are associated with copyright works, and are often referred to as ‘personal rights’ to show that they are independent from the copyright that exists in the work itself.

Concepts to understand

About IP Māori IP Concepts to understand
Tapu and noaTapu is the strongest force in Māori life. It has numerous meanings and references. Tapu can be interpreted as ‘sacred’, or defined as ‘spiritual restriction’, containing a strong imposition of rules and prohibitions. A person, object or place...

Māori words and designs

About IP Māori IP Māori words and designs
There are a few Māori words and designs that are generally considered not offensive and can be associated with a wide range of goods and services.


Patent attorney registration and renewal Syllabus
The New Zealand law and practice relating to patents and designsRegulation 158(1)(a)The subject requires the candidate to have a good understanding of the patent and design laws of New Zealand and the practice associated with the implementation and interpretation of...

Prepare to apply for NZ Office of Origin trade marks

About IP Trade marks International Prepare to apply for NZ Office of Origin trade marks
To apply for an international application using the Madrid Protocol, you must have a New Zealand trade mark application or registration.

File evidence of use

About IP Trade marks Examination process File evidence of use
The Trade Marks Act 2002 (the Act) allows you to file evidence of use to address certain concerns raised in a compliance report. This information will help you prepare and present formal evidence of use of your trade mark.

Codes for the classification of data

The Journal Codes for the classification of data
Key patent information is followed by a number. These numbers are called "INID codes".(“INID” is an acronym for ICIREPAT (ICIREPAT - International Cooperation in Information Retrieval among Examining Patent Offices) Numbers for the Identification of Data). Because these numbers are...

Create and maintain a user

Support Create and maintain a user
The first user created for an account has the status of Administrator and can modify user data at all levels.Each account has only one Administrator, but can have multiple users.Administrators can: create or amend users for their organisation manage other users’ details access...

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