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Intellectual property guidance

About IP
Intellectual property (IP) rights protect the expression of your idea in something you have made or created. IP is fundamental for most businesses, and is a tool for creativity, innovation, and even education. If you are unfamiliar with IP, see our overview …


About IP Copyright
Copyright protects your original works like artwork, books, computer programs, drawings, films, music, and sound recordings.

Finding copyright owners

About IP Copyright Finding copyright owners
If you wish to use a copyright work, you will need to contact the owner and request permission to use it.

Crown copyright

About IP Copyright Crown copyright
Crown copyright protects work created or owned by the New Zealand government, including government forms, codes of practice, official press releases and public records.

Apply for a patent

About IP Patents Apply
This guide outlines the requirements you need to consider when you file a patent application.

Apply for Plant Variety Rights

About IP Plant variety rights Apply
This page outlines how to apply for a grant of Plant Variety Rights for a new plant variety, so you can have the exclusive right to produce for sale and sell propagating material of the variety.

Search for existing trade marks

About IP Trade marks Search
Search for existing trade marks - this information is intended as a guide only. For legal advice we recommend that you contact a patent attorney or lawyer who is familiar with intellectual property law.

New Zealand Office of Origin trade marks

About IP Trade marks International New Zealand Office of Origin trade marks
Getting trade mark protection overseas can be done in two ways: Filing individually in each jurisdiction or using the Madrid system to file your application.

Archived news

News and updates Archived news
The following PDF documents contain copies of all news stories published on our website. Note - some of the images and links within these documents may be broken. 2015 news articles [PDF, 785 KB] 2014 news…


About IP Trade marks Examination process Examination
We examine all applications to register a trade mark to make sure they comply with all the requirements of the Trade Marks Act 2002 (the Act). As well as ensuring that an application meets the legal filing requirements, the Commissioner must be satisfied that…

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See if a trade mark like yours already exists on the NZ Register.
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