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Become a registered user

Gives you access to our case management facility so you can manage your intellectual property. There are no joining or maintenance fees.

There are two steps to become a registered user of our services:

1. Create a RealMe logon

You need to have a logon in order to use our case management facility. If you already have a username and password with other Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment websites (such as the New Zealand Companies Office) you will be able to use this to access our site. 

Note: If you have more than one logon, cases associated with one may not be accessible under another.

To log on:

  • If you already have a logon, select the Login button at the top of the page and enter your username and password details.
  • To create a new logon, select the Login button at the top of the page, then the Create your RealMe login now option and complete the form.

Once you have successfully logged on, the IPONZ website client validation screen displays.

2. Create an IPONZ account

You now need to complete a few more details to finish setting up your IPONZ account.

From the validation screen you need to tell us who you are and how you would like to set up your IPONZ account.

Select the option below that best describes you:

I'm a new user representing myself

If you're a new user and want to create an account to maintain your own intellectual property rights.

To complete the registration process:

  1. Create your Private Profile by entering your personal details in the User Edition fields.
  2. Create your public profile. These will become your Default Client details for applications and submissions.
  3. Add a physical, postal and service address in the Edit Address field. Note: If you own intellectual property rights in New Zealand you must have a New Zealand address for service.
  4. Select Save then Submit.

I'm a new user with an activation code from my organisation

If your account administrator has set up an IPONZ account for you linked to an organisation (such as your employer), you'll receive an activation code from us via email.

To complete the registration process:

  1. Enter your activation code in the Input activation code field, then select Continue.
  2. Your name and email details will display. Enter your personal details and select Submit to complete your registration.

I'm a new user representing an organisation

Select this option if you're a new user and want to create an account to establish and maintain intellectual property rights on behalf of your employer. As you're creating the account for your organisation, you'll automatically be assigned as the Administrator.

To do this, first create your own profile, then create the profile for your organisation. New Zealand company information is automatically entered from the Companies Office Register.

For more information about creating accounts see how to create and maintain a user.

I've applied to IPONZ before but don't have a current login

Select this option if you already have applications or intellectual property rights with us, and want to be linked to your existing account.

To be linked to your existing IPONZ account:

  1. Select I have applied to IPONZ before but don't have a current login.
  2. Create your Private Profile by entering your details in the User Edition fields. This information only relates to your personal account.
  3. Select Submit. Your Private Profile will be created.
  4. You will be taken to the Request to be linked to existing client page and a confirmation Info box will appear. Select OK to close the box.
  5. Search for your client record(s) by entering your criteria in the Search Client fields and selecting Search. Records matching your criteria will display.
  6. Choose your client record then choose Select.
  7. Select Request to be linked to this client and upload a completed Client Access Authority form. Select the link to download the form.
  8. Select Submit. You will return to the Search Client screen and a confirmation Infobox will appear. Select OK to close the box.

We will process your request within one working day. Once the link is created to your account, you'll be able to access all your intellectual property records.

Account user levels

There are two levels of account user:

  1. User level: Individuals who work for the organisation.
  2. Administrator level:
    • first user created for the account
    • contains organisation's details
    • email serves as main email address for organisation
    • can modify user data at all levels
    • has access to all tasks and discussions
    • assigns cases to individual users within the organisation.

Each account has only one Administrator, but can have multiple users.