New Zealand Office of Origin trade marks

New Zealand Office of Origin trade marks

Getting trade mark protection overseas can be done in two ways:

  • Filing individually in each jurisdiction that is likely to require a local representative and filing in the language of that country.
  • Using the Madrid system to file your application. This allows you to file a single application based upon your New Zealand application or registration, and allows you to access more than 100 participating countries.

Using the Madrid system

When using the Madrid system to file through us, your New Zealand trade mark application or registration serves as the basis for your international application.

IPONZ is the Office of Origin and certifies your international application. Once certified, we'll forward your international application to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

WIPO examines the formalities of the application (fees and specification). If there are no issues, your international application will be registered and WIPO will forward your registration to your chosen designations for them to examine according to their own laws and practices.

Filing your application (NZOO online form)

International applications, with IPONZ as the Office of Origin, are filed through our case management facility. Completing and submitting the form is simple, and is similar to filing for a standard trade mark.

Before you begin, see Prepare before applying.

To apply, see Apply for an international trade mark.

Adding to your international registration

Once your application has been registered with WIPO, changes, updates and subsequent designations can be done directly through WIPO.

WIPO resources

WIPO has a number of resources on their website that may help you with your application: