Facts and figures

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Facts and figures

We collect data about patent, trade mark, design, and plant variety rights application volumes. 

This information is represented in Shockwave Flash format and the raw data is also available as a spreadsheet.

Application volumes

You must have Adobe Flash installed to use the dashboard.


You can use the dashboard above to view application volumes since July 2005. You must have Adobe Flash installed to use the dashboard.

The Overview tab shows long-term application filing trends for patents, trade marks, and designs for the last four financial years, as well as hearings decisions issues for all domains over the past year.

  1. Select a domain (e.g. “Patents”, “Trade Marks”, “Designs”)
  2. Adjust the slider below the chart to change the time period.

The Patents, Trade Marks, Designs, and Plant Variety Rights tabs show data since July 2005.

  1. To view data for a particular domain (e.g. “Patents”, “Trade Marks”, “Designs”, “Plant Variety Rights”) select the appropriate tab at the top.
  2. To view data for a particular financial year (e.g. “2005/2006) select it from the list on the left.
  3. To include or exclude a particular type of application (e.g. “Provisional”, “National”) or financial year click the coloured square or circle next to the label.

Raw data

Innovation in New Zealand

New Zealanders are well known for their creativity and resourcefulness. Every year we receive thousands of applications from Kiwis from Kaitaia to Bluff. A breakdown by region of last month's applications is presented below.


RegionApplications for June 2019
Auckland 14
Christchurch/Canterbury 5
Hamilton/Waikato 9
Northland 1
Total 29


RegionApplications for June 2019
Auckland 37
Bay of Plenty 2
Christchurch/Canterbury 8
Dunedin/Otago 5
Hamilton/Waikato 8
Manawatu-Wanganui 1
Northland 2
Taranaki 4
Wellington 5
Total 72

Trade Marks

RegionApplications for June 2019
Auckland 381
Bay of Plenty 25
Christchurch/Canterbury 89
Dunedin/Otago 34
East Coast 1
Hamilton/Waikato 37
Hawkes Bay 14
Manawatu-Wanganui 13
Marlborough 5
Nelson/Tasman 14
Northland 17
Southland 2
Taranaki 7
Wellington 81
West Coast 4
Total 724

Requesting statistics

We can also provide other useful statistical data from our database. To make a request please use our online request service. Please make your request as specific as possible to allow us to respond more quickly. We may contact you to clarify or refine your request.