Codes for the classification of data

Codes for the classification of data

Key patent information is followed by a number. These numbers are called "INID codes".

(“INID” is an acronym for ICIREPAT (ICIREPAT - International Cooperation in Information Retrieval among Examining Patent Offices) Numbers for the Identification of Data). Because these numbers are consistent in every country, they allow you to read important information from a patent even if you don't understand the language it's printed in.

The INID numbers can be found in brackets after field titles on our database extracts and on the On Line Journal search screen.

The following are the INID numbers used:

  • (11) Patent/Design Number.
  • (21) Patent/Design Application Number.
  • (22) Date of filing of application (if a provisional specification has been filed, its filing date is given; otherwise the date is the date accorded the complete specification).
  • (23) Date accorded complete specification after provisional (if applicable).
  • (31) Number(s) assigned to priority application(s) by the priority country (countries).
  • (32) Date(s) of filing of priority application(s) in the priority country (countries).
  • (33) Country (countries) in which the priority document(s) was (were) filed (the country is indicated by its I.S.O. country code, which is given elsewhere).
  • (40) Date of publication of this Journal.
  • (47) Publication date and (for designs) registration date.
  • (51) International patent classification.
  • (54) Title of the invention.
  • (57) Text of the abridgement.
  • (60) Other cognate application numbers and their respective dates cited under section 9(3).
  • (61) Number of main patent in the case of an application for a patent of addition.
  • (62) Number of parent in the case of a divisional.
  • (71) Name(s) of applicant(s).
  • (72) Name(s) of inventor(s).
  • (74) Name(s) of attorney(s) or contact address.
  • (76) Name(s) of inventor(s) who is/are also applicant(s) and grantee(s).
  • (86) Filing data of a PCT application.
  • (87) Publication data of a PCT application.
  • (210) Number of application for a trade mark.
  • (220) Application date for a trade mark.
  • (320) Date of convention application.
  • (330) Country of convention application.
  • (511) Class for a trade mark.
  • (532) Vienna classification for a figurative mark.
  • (730) Proprietor details for a trade mark.
  • (740) Contact address for a trade mark.

Last updated 25 August 2008