Design fees

Design fees

All fees are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD). The fees listed below do not include GST. GST (15%) applies to all fees where the applicant or requestor is in New Zealand.

Application fee

Item Amount
(excluding GST)
Application for registration $100

See apply for a design

Renewal fees

Item Amount
(excluding GST)
First renewal (for a period of 5 years) $100
Second renewal (for a third period of 5 years) $200

See renewing a design

Oppositions/Hearings fees

Item Amount
(excluding GST)
Notices of opposition to correction of error $300
Hearing fee for each party $750
Notices of opposition by opponent $300

The same application fee applies irrespective of whether the:

  • application is for registration of the design to be applied to a single article or a set of articles,
  • design is a convention application or non-convention application.

The application fee for a design application will not generally be refunded once the application has been submitted. For more information, please see our Refund Policy.

Payment options

The preferred methods of payment for all fees are credit card, internet banking or direct debit.

Contact us for more information about setting up a direct debit account.