Maintain a geographical indication

Maintain a geographical indication

This page covers the maintenance of both registered geographical indications (GIs) and applications for GIs.

Applications to register a GI can be withdrawn at any time. Applications that:

  • are Under examination can be placed in abeyance
  • have become abandoned may be able to be restored, via an application for continued processing.

Withdraw an application

An applicant can withdraw their application to register a GI at any time, by giving notice to the Registrar. The notice must be in writing (this includes via email).

Place application in abeyance

An applicant can place their application to register a GI in abeyance or suspension pending the outcome of:

  • opposition proceedings for a prior application or
  • cancellation/revocation/invalidity proceedings to do with a prior registration. 

To do this, notify us in writing (via email) before the expiry of the deadline set in the compliance report. After the facts are verified, we’ll place the application in abeyance pending the outcome of the proceedings.

Apply for continued processing

If an application to register a GI has “Abandoned - continued processing available” status, the applicant may apply for continued processing on the application, as long as this is done within 2 months of the application becoming abandoned.

In order for the application to be restored to “Under examination” status, the applicant must provide us with a response to all outstanding objections raised in the compliance report.

Only one successful continued processing request can be processed per application.

Maintain a registered GI

Once a GI has been registered, some details can be maintained (eg, registrant address for service, agent details).

If you are the registrant of a GI, or their agent, you can request changes from the GI Register detail page. To do this:

  1. Go to the GI Register.
  2. Find the relevant GI (use filters, or use Ctrl+F, to find it).
  3. Click View full details to open the details page.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  5. Under the heading Maintain you geographical indication, select the type of change you wish to make:
    • Correct an error
    • Change applicant or registrant
    • Change agent
    • Renew
  6. Fill out all the required fields, and upload any required supporting documentation (eg, a statutory declaration indicating the change in details).
  7. Click Submit request.

Renew a registered GI

Initial registration of a GI is effective for 5 years from the deemed date of registration. After these 5 years have passed, the GI may be renewed for further periods of 10 years.

Before a GI is due to expire, we’ll send a renewal reminder notice to the registrant. This notice will include:

  • the renewal fee that is due
  • the date by which payment must be made.

If a GI registration is not renewed by its expiry date, its status will be updated to "Registered – past expiry date". The registrant or their agent has 6 months from the expiry date to renew the GI registration, or otherwise the GI will be removed from the register.

GI renewals can be completed via the Maintain your geographical indication option on the GI Register detail page.