Practice guidelines

Practice guidelines

Detailed information about our practices relating to aspects of the filing, examination, and registration of geographical indications (GIs).

Current practice guidelines

These practice guidelines set out our practices under the Geographical Indications Registration Act 2006 (“the Act”) and the Geographical Indications Registration Regulations 2024. They provide more detail of certain aspects of our practices relating to GI examination.

The guidelines are updated regularly, and occasionally include commentary on sections or regulations not already covered in earlier versions. Significant changes in practice or to matters covered in the guidelines will be notified by publication of practice note, and the guidelines will be updated accordingly.

The guidelines don’t provide an authority for any matters relating to GI applications or GIs under the Act.

These guidelines do not yet cover amendments to the Act that result from the European Union Free Trade Agreement Legislation Amendment Act 2024. We are currently in the process of drafting updated guidance based on these amendments.