Respond to compliance report

Respond to compliance report

If we assess an application to register a geographical indication (GI) and find that it doesn’t comply with the Geographical Indications Registration Act 2006 ("the GI Act"), or the Geographical Indications Registration Regulations 2024 ("the GI Regulations"), we’ll email the applicant a compliance report.

This report will detail the:

  • reasons why the application doesn’t comply and
  • deadline for a response.

In the response, make sure that you:

  • include the GI application number
  • address all sections that are raised individually
  • attach any documents or other files required to support the response.

If you disagree with our assessment, or there are circumstances we’re not aware of that may help overcome this issue, we encourage you to outline these in your response.

What happens next?

If the response to the compliance report:

  • resolves all the issues, the application will be accepted for registration
  • doesn't resolve all the issues, we’ll advise why in a subsequent compliance report, with a further opportunity to respond.

If, following your further response, we decide that the GI is still not registrable under the GI Act and GI Regulations, you may either:

  • abandon the application (at no additional cost) or
  • request a notice of rejection so that the matter may be considered by the Registrar at a hearing.

Contact us via email for further information at any stage. If you've already received a compliance report, you can contact the examiner on the direct dial phone number listed at the bottom of the report.