Plant variety rights

Plant variety rights

Plant variety rights are a unique and not often used type of IP. Check out some basics below.

What are plant variety rights?

Plant variety rights (PVRs) protect new varieties or cultivars of plants. Think of your favourite variety of apple or kiwifruit that you can find in the supermarket, it is quite likely that this is protected by PVR!

PVRs give plant breeders the exclusive right to commercialise a particular variety including to sell propagating material like cuttings or seeds.  

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Plant variety rights promote innovation and economic growth in New Zealand by providing incentives for the development and use of new plant varieties

Examples of plant variety rights

pvr example kiwifruit

Gold kiwifruit `Zesy002’

NZ PVR: 30746

Owned by: Zespri Group Limited

agricom ecotain image

Plantain ’Agritonic’ (image credit: Agricom)

NZ PVR: 32075

Owned by: Grasslands Innovation Ltd

pvr example dephinium

Delphinium ’Raspberry Rhapsody’

NZ PVR: 34210


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