Improvements to the IPONZ case management facility

Improvements to the IPONZ case management facility

We’ve made a number of improvements to our case management facility as of 8 December 2022.

IPONZ client records will align with changes to NZBN records

The IPONZ online system is now able to track changes to entries in the NZBN register. This will allow it to make subsequent changes to the following entities in the IPONZ registers:

  • Newly created client records that have an NZBN.
  • Existing client records with an NZBN that are manually edited via the “Maintain Client” screen.

Trade mark application form changes

There are two changes to editing the specification of goods and services on a trade mark application.

  • When manually typing terms for a class on the "Edit manually" screen, you can now toggle between a “list” view and a “paragraph” view for your display.
  • On the "Edit manually" screen, you can now remove individual terms using the buttons to the left of those terms.

Updated process for expedited examination requests on patent applications

Examiners can now invite patent applicants to remedy issues with their expedited examination requests via the IPONZ online system. This will result in a “Respond to Expedited Examination Issue” task being assigned to the applicant that outlines the issues with the request.

This updated process applies to the following:

To resolve any outstanding issues, applicants can submit a response and/or additional documentation via the online task, for the examiner’s consideration.

For more information on expedited examination requests under the GPPH, see Global Patent Prosecution Highway.




Published on December 8, 2022