Improvements to the IPONZ online case management facility

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Updates to IPONZ services during COVID-19

Improvements to the IPONZ online case management facility

We’ve made a number of improvements to our website and online case management facility as of 6 December 2018.

Patent search by submission date

The Patents search page now includes an option to search for patent cases within a given submission date range.

This new option is expected to be of use for patent cases whose filing dates do not necessarily match their actual application dates, e.g. patent applications with priority claims, National Phase Entry applications, or divisional patent applications.

The submission date for each patent case now also appears in both Excel and PDF reports based on a Patent search.

Request Examination option no longer accessible for Patent applications that are more than five years from their filing date

The IPONZ online system will no longer provide an option to request examination on patent cases that are more than five years from their complete specification filing date. This is in accordance with Regulation 71 of the Patents Regulations 2014.

This will affect the patent application form and amendment request form. The “request examination” option will still be visible in these forms, but will be greyed out and cannot be selected.

When attempting to file a divisional application where the five-year timeframe has passed, a warning will display that advises that examination may not be requested for the application.