IPONZ Plant Variety Rights services during COVID-19

IPONZ Plant Variety Rights services during COVID-19

This article provides information and guidelines regarding Plant Variety Rights in New Zealand, in acknowledgement of the disruption caused by COVID-19.

The Plant Variety Rights Office (PVRO) recognises the unprecedented nature of current events and the impact that the response to COVID-19 is having on the community and businesses.

If circumstances related to COVID-19 have affected you or are affecting your ability to respond to a request for information or make a fee or annual renewal payment, please contact the PVRO directly. Each situation will be considered separately and any requests will be treated with due consideration.

Should you wish to contact the PVRO regarding an application, we recommend that you use the IPONZ online system to identify the Examiner responsible for that variety and then communicate directly with that person. Please check your variety case for this information and if you are still uncertain who the correct Examiner contact is, please use info@pvr.govt.nz.

PVRO will continue to closely monitor system and email queries. However, please be aware that all Examiners are working remotely, and responses and follow ups may be delayed.

DUS testing and establishment of growing trials have experienced some delays during this period, resulting in some disruptions to examination timelines. For most varieties, these delays are not critical. If you have any questions regarding DUS growing trials and testing for a variety, please contact the Examiner for that variety.

As the situation continues to change, we will keep you informed through our website.