IPONZ website redevelopment

IPONZ website redevelopment

A new IPONZ website is set to go live on Thursday 16 June 2016.

www.iponz.govt.nz is the leading source of information on Intellectual Property (IP) in New Zealand, and the key channel for distributing information to help individuals and business understand and manage IP rights.

The IPONZ website is accessed by a wide range of users, from beginners to experienced agents and businesses. The redevelopment will ensure that it continues to meet the information needs of IPONZ's customers, as well as make the site more appealing, the process and guidelines easier to understand and the content more accessible on mobile devices. The new website will also make it easier for businesses to deal with IPONZ, as part of the Government's drive for Better Public Services.

IPONZ is updating and refreshing content, enhancing the search capability across the site and improving the structure, navigation and flow of information to enable users at all levels to understand and use the most appropriate IP rights for their business.

For the first time, IPONZ will also include information to improve business knowledge and understanding of IP with a Māori element, IP information for particular industries and information in preparation for the launch of Geographical Indications.

Experienced clients and Patent Attorneys will have access to news, decisions, practice guidelines and changes to international frameworks so that they can understand and keep up with new developments in IP. The new website will continue to link seamlessly to the IPONZ online case management facility, which will not be changing; its look will change slightly but there will be no change to its functionality.

The website redevelopment is part of a wider programme of work being undertaken to improve access to information, guidelines and resources, so that customers can build an understanding of IP and then apply, maintain and renew IP rights for their business.

IPONZ will continue to provide more information for regular users and customers as the launch date approaches. Questions and clarifications may be sent via email to info@iponz.govt.nz.

Published on May 18, 2016