Kiwi innovators show how to “Dream it. Do it. Own it” with IP

Kiwi innovators show how to “Dream it. Do it. Own it” with IP

The IPONZ project to raise awareness and understanding of IP has launched a refreshed home page and new materials in a touchpoint system that presents key concepts simply and clearly.

Innovative New Zealand businesses are sharing how their understanding of intellectual property (IP) has allowed them to bring their business ideas to life, in a series of new case studies.

The case studies are part of a “Dream it. Do it. Own it” digital campaign launched by IPONZ to help innovators get to grips with key ideas about IP and see the value of IP for their own business.

The first two case studies can be read on our website:

Dr Feelgood frozen pops: co-founder Craig “Jacks” Jackman shares how a compelling trade mark and brand, and a commitment to wholesome ingredients, have seen Dr Feelgood frozen pops grow a loyal fan-base.

UBCO electric utility bikes: CEO Timothy Allan shares how great advice on trade mark and design IP has allowed UBCO to power ahead and develop innovative electric utility bikes.

By gaining a sound understanding of IP types and concepts, businesses can improve their pathway to IP success. This in turn supports growth and creative business outcomes in the New Zealand economy.

Freshening up the IPONZ website

Alongside the case studies, we’ve refreshed the IPONZ home page to help New Zealanders get quickly to the IP information they need. As we publish new case studies, you can now receive updates on new resources and case studies through our newsletter subscription, by choosing the "Stuff for starters, new case studies and other resources" option. If you’re an existing subscriber, you can also use this option to add yourself to this mailing list.

The Manage IP section has not changed, other than the new colour scheme being applied.

These website updates follow the launch of the refreshed ONECheck tool, which IPONZ collaborated on with the team at ONECheck helps people to search for existing trade marks, company names, website domains, and social media handles that are the same or similar to one they have in mind.

Let us know what you think

If you have feedback on the case studies or other website changes, or if you’re an innovative Kiwi business with a great IP story to share, we’d love to hear from you.

You can also talk to us about IP, at one of the Taking Care of Business roadshow events taking place around New Zealand through the year. The roadshow begins in early June and provides a face-to-face opportunity for businesses of all stripes to learn more about government services for businesses, and to talk to us about IP.

Published on May 29, 2018