New Zealand’s designs are now on EUIPO’s DesignView

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COVID-19 update: IPONZ’s online services continue to be available as normal. However, IPONZ has recently updated its practices relating to cases and tasks with a deadline after 31 July 2020.

Updates to IPONZ services during COVID-19

New Zealand’s designs are now on EUIPO’s DesignView

As of 30 June 2020, IPONZ has made its design data available to the European Union Intellectual Property Office’s (EUIPO) 'DesignView' search tool.

With IPONZ on board, the tool now contains data from 72 participating offices.

The benefits for New Zealand design owners of having their registered designs appear in international databases such as EUIPO’s DesignView include the following:

  • International applicants are more likely to find designs registered in New Zealand when performing business-related searches.
  • Creators and exporters may refer to DesignView listings in order to increase trust of their designs in new markets.

For more information on DesignView, please refer to the following websites: