Standard pre-hearing directions for IPONZ hearings

Standard pre-hearing directions for IPONZ hearings

The Hearings Office Practice Guidelines have been updated to include new standard pre-hearing directions for IPONZ hearings.

The directions were co-developed by the Hearings Office, the Hearings Technical Focus Group, and IPONZ Assistant Commissioners. They include:

  • Timeframes for raising evidential and/or procedural issues;
  • Opportunity for the parties to engage in settlement negotiations prior to setting down a hearing;
  • Sequential filing of submissions; and
  • Preparation of a common bundle.

The directions will ensure hearings run efficiently and smoothly, and that any evidential or pleading issues are identified well in advance of the hearing. This contributes to the Hearings Office’s goal of administering proceedings in a fair, efficient, and cost effective manner.

The directions will take effect for hearings arranged from August 2018.

Published on July 10, 2018