Update to Trade Mark Practice Guidelines


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Update to Trade Mark Practice Guidelines

IPONZ has updated its practice guidelines to clarify our practices under Annexure General and Annexure to Computer Services.

IPONZ has recently updated its trade mark practice guidelines as follows:

Annexure General

We’ve updated our Annexure General practice guidelines to:

  • clarify our stance on trade mark specification terms that use the words “supply of…” or “supplying…”
  • include additional examples of acceptable and non-acceptable specification terms in our guidelines for retail, wholesale and distribution services.

View the updated trade mark practice guideline:

3b Annexure General

Annexure to Computer Services

We’ve updated our Annexure to Computer Services practice guidelines to:

  • discuss our practices for trade mark specifications that involve cloud computing services, cloud services, and cloud-based services
  • clarify our stance on acceptable software specification terms, including cases where the specification term describes software that operates a particular apparatus.

View the updated Trade Mark practice guideline:

3c Annexure to Computer Services

Published on May 10, 2023