Create and maintain a user

Create and maintain a user

The first user created for an account has the status of Administrator and can modify user data at all levels.

Each account has only one Administrator, but can have multiple users.

Administrators can:

  • create or amend users for their organisation
  • manage other users’ details
  • access all tasks and discussions
  • assign cases to individual users within the organisation.

Both Administrators and members can delegate cases to other users in their organisation.

Create a user

Administrators can create a new member user.

  1. Select My Profile under My Account on the left side navigation menu.
  2. Select the Members tab then the Add button. The User Edition fields will display.
  3. Complete the User Edition fields and select Save.

The new user will be added to the list, and an Info box will display advising that an email will be sent to the user with an activation code. Select OK to close the box.

When the new user logs into the case management facility for the first time they will be prompted to enter this activation code to complete the process.

View, change or delete a user

Administrators can view, change or delete any user.

  1. Select My Profile under My Account on the left side navigation menu.
  2. Select the Members tab.
  3. To change a user's details, select Edit for the corresponding user. The User Edition fields will display for that user. Update the required fields, then select Save then Submit.
  4. To resend an activation code for an account that has Pending activation status, select Resend activation code.
  5. To delete a user, select Delete for the corresponding user. All cases delegated to the deleted user will be reassigned to the Administrator.
    Note: A deleted user will need to create a new account to use the IPONZ case management system again.

Assign/delegate a case to a user

Administrators and member users can assign a case from one member user to another.

  1. Select My Profile under My Account on the left side navigation menu.
  2. Select the Delegate Cases tab.
  3. Search for a case(s) using the given search filters. A list of cases that match your search criteria will display.
  4. Select the case(s) you would like to delegate, then select Delegate case(s). The Select user window will open.
  5. In the Select user window, select a user from the list, or search for a user, then choose Select.
  6. The case(s) will be assigned to the selected user, and the Contact Details for that case will be updated with the user’s name.

Maintain your account details

You can update your own account details.

  1. Select My Account then My Profile from the left hand menu in your Inbox.
  2. In the User's Data tab, change the required fields then select Submit.

Default Client

If you're logging in on behalf of your employer, you'll see their details under Default Client. This is the client record to which your account is linked.

The Default Client information populates applications and other registry records when you use online services, indicating which company, organisation or individual will be accountable by default for each transaction you perform.

If you have:

  • set up your account and client records as an individual, you will see your own client ID and details
  • been set up as part of your organisation, you will see your organisation’s ID and details. This information is managed by your Administrator.

To change your Default Client:

  1. Select My Profile under My Account on the left side navigation menu.
  2. Under Default Client, select Search to locate the client you would like to be your new default record, then click Select. The new client information will appear as your Default Client.

Note: You can only have one default client at a time.

Default client blank

If your Default Client is blank, it's likely that you've not fully completed your registration. You'll need to request for your account to be linked to your client record.

  1. Select Maintain Client and search for your organisation or yourself, then select the Edit link for that search result. If your organisation is not present in the IPONZ register, you can Add a new client record instead.
  2. Select Request to be linked to this client and upload a completed Client account access authorisation form [329 KB PDF] [PDF, 328 KB].
  3. Select Submit. You'll return to the Search Client screen and a confirmation Info box will appear. Select OK to close the box.

We'll process your request within one working day. Once the link is created to your account, you'll be able to access your intellectual property cases.

Maintain your RealMe logon

You'll need to go to the RealMe website to maintain your RealMe logon details, such as your username and password.