Using the Geographical indications Register

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Using the Geographical indications Register

The GI Register lists all geographical indications (GIs) registered in New Zealand - both New Zealand and foreign.

The Register lists all geographical indications (GIs) applied for or registered in New Zealand. It contains the details of all:

  • enduring New Zealand GIs (ie, “New Zealand”, “North Island” and “South Island”)
  • New Zealand wine and spirit GIs
  • foreign wine and spirit GIs.

Enduring GIs

An enduring New Zealand GI is a permanent GI which can’t be altered or removed from the Register, and doesn’t expire. There are three enduring GIs:

  • New Zealand
  • North Island
  • South Island. 

GI status

The Register displays the status of each GI’s application or registration. Status falls into two categories:

  • Live - this includes the statuses: “Filed”, “Under examination”, “Accepted”, “Abeyance”, “Registered”, “Under opposition”, “Abandoned – continued processing available” and “Expired but restorable”.
  • Not in force - this includes the statuses: “Expired”, “Cancelled”, “Removed”, “Withdrawn”, “Abandoned” and “Rejected”.

Using the Register

Filter results

You can control the results you see on screen using the following filters.


  • the NZ tab at the top to only see NZ GIs
  • the Overseas tab at the top to only see foreign GIs
  • Wine to see only wine-related GIs
  • Spirits to see only spirits-related GIs
  • Live to see only GIs with “Live” status (see GI status)
  • Not in force to see only GIs with “Not in force” status (see GI status)
  • an option from the Legal type drop-down to show:
    • Part 1: Enduring GIs
    • Part 2: NZ and foreign GIs registered and applied for in NZ
    • Part 3: Foreign GIs registered as part of international trade agreements.

Sort the list

You can sort any list of GIs as follows:

  • North to South (only available if you select the NZ tab )
  • Alphabetical
  • Recently updated.

You can also export the page to a PDF, or print it, or email it.

Download Register

You can download and search the GI Register (in a CSV file) using the Download Register option.

Return to the full Register

Use the Clear all filters option to return to a full list of GIs.

Details page

The details page for each GI (except enduring GIs) contains the following information:

  • the GI’s name and IP (intellectual property) number
  • whether the GI relates to a wine or a spirit
  • the GI’s status
  • any conditions of use that are proposed for (NZ) or already apply to (foreign) the GI
  • copies of the documentation relating to the GI
  • the registrant or applicant’s name and address
  • the agent’s name and address (if applicable)
  • the GI’s history, from date of filing
  • for New Zealand GIs:
    • a map of the area covered by the GI
    • a list of any local GIs that fall wholly or partly within the area of the GI
    • for foreign GIs:
      • the country or countries of origin where the GI is protected
      • any translation and transliteration of the GI’s name.

Depending on a GI’s status, from this page registrants, applicants, their agents, or “interested persons” can also: