IPONZ services during COVID-19

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IPONZ services during COVID-19

We recognise the unprecedented nature of current events and the impact that the response to COVID-19 is having on the community and businesses.

If circumstances related to COVID-19 have affected you or are affecting your ability to respond by a deadline please apply for an extension of time. Such requests will be treated favorably by IPONZ.  If this is not possible please contact us directly using the online form.

IPONZ is closely monitoring incoming requests and dealing with any time sensitive matters. As IPONZ staff are having to work remotely, we will not usually be able to achieve our published processing timeframes.

If you have corresponded with IPONZ in relation to a time-sensitive matter within the prescribed time, you may not receive a response within the typical time period. Please rest assured that any deadline will be treated as having been conditionally met and the IPONZ delay in processing will be taken into account if further action is required. 

As the situation continues to change we will keep you informed through our website.

Please contact us using the online form if you have any questions about these matters.