Update to Patents Examination Manual and Patent Technical Focus Group meeting notes


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Update to Patents Examination Manual and Patent Technical Focus Group meeting notes

IPONZ has made updates to its Patents Examination Manual, based on results from its most recent Patent Technical Focus Group meeting.

Updates to Patents Examination Manual

IPONZ has updated sections 39 and 40 of the Patents Examination Manual, and added new sections covering section 51, regulation 82, and amendments to Treaty applications. The new or amended sections are as follows:

Section 40: Amendment of complete specification before acceptance

This section provides information on the requirements for amending complete specifications before acceptance under Section 40 of the Patents Act 2013. Also included is a discussion on allowable amendments, and those which will require post-dating of an application.

An update has been made to Section 39: Contents of complete specification to reference the above section.

Amendment of description, claims and drawings of Treaty applications

This new section relates to amendments made to Treaty applications, and is located immediately below Section 40 in the patent Examination Manual.

Section 51: Translations of documents forming part of a Treaty Application (PCT National Phase Entry)

This new section covers IPONZ procedures relating to the filing of translation documents and their examination.

Regulation 82: Claims overlap between parent and divisional applications

This new section outlines IPONZ practice on overlap of claims between divisional applications and their parent.

View the updated Patents Examination Manual:

Updates to Patents Technical Focus Group meeting notes

Meeting notes from the most recent Patents Technical Focus Group (TFG) meeting on 2 December 2019 are now available online.

The Patents Technical Focus Group (TFG) provides a forum for communication between client representatives and IPONZ in relation to the provision of technical patent intellectual property services in New Zealand.

The Patents TFG regularly meets to discuss feedback on proposed practices and upcoming publications. Its presence supplements existing communication between the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, and other parties interested in intellectual property matters.

Published on June 17, 2020