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Ideas come in all shapes and sizes. It is likely that no matter your business or industry, intellectual property (IP) will help you along your journey. Find out more about how these New Zealand companies have leveraged IP to get to where they are today.


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Gaining a word trade mark in both New Zealand and Australia, and some clever licensing of other brands’ software IP, meant that Mevo could get people moving faster than ever. Discover how business partners Erik Zydervelt and Finn Lawrence achieved this.

Co-founder of Mevo Car share Erik Zydervelt talks about IP.
Credit: Mark Tantrum Photography Ltd.
Duration: 1:19

In the early evening a Mevo branded electric car swings around the corner into Coutenay place, Wellington. It drives through the city with pretty reflective street lights. Mood music plays.

The opening title says “Dream it. Do it. Own it.”

The narrator says “Cities are our homes, they’re where people make their lives. My name is Erik Zydervelt, I’m the co-founder of Mevo car share.”

Erik is shown seated in a loft office, at a computer, with staff around at computers and on bean-bags.

“Our goal is to have two thousand cars in five cities in the next five years.”

“Our trade mark Mevo is about changing how cities move”

There is a street shot of traffic on Courtenay Place and then you see the Mevo app on a phone in Erik’s hand.

“We nabbed the trade mark before anyone else got it. We applied to register the trade mark Mevo ourselves. We did seek advice from an IP attorney.”

Erik is shown leaving the Mevo loft offices, unlocking a Mevo car on the phone app and climbing into the car. He drives off across Wellington.

“We spent a long time working on getting the brand right to start with. It took us a while to work out which classes to apply for. Now that we’ve got the trade mark locked down, we’re growing fast.

The Mevo car pulls up and parks at Toi Poneke Arts Centre. Erik gets out and goes in to a film recording studio on the fourth floor. He is interviewed on film.

“Our trade mark has become a brand that people recognise. I’m an urbanist by training. Cities are really complex, they are a mix of the soft that is human culture and the hard that is the systems and no two are the same.”

Erik leaves the studio and drives the Mevo car to a restaurant. He parks in front of Midland Park and walks over to meet a friend sitting at an outside table.

“I love it when I’m walking down the street and I see Mevo cars drive past. I think in the very near future, you know, much like CDs and DVDs, owning cars will be the exception, not the rule.

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