Examination process

Examination process

Once submitted, your application to register a geographical indication (GI) will be examined by the following process.

1. Application filed

Your application to register a geographical indication (GI) must meet legal requirements.

See Guide to applying for a geographical indication.

Note: Once we’ve received your application, all correspondence will be via email.

2. First examination

We’ll examine your GI application within 3 months of filing, to make sure it complies with all the requirements of the Geographical Indications (Wine and Spirits) Registration Act 2006.

Application accepted

See Acceptance below.

Application not accepted

If your application is not accepted, we’ll email you a compliance report , which will explain:

  • how the application doesn’t comply with the Act and/or Regulations and
  • the amount of time you have to file a response (this will be at least 6 months).

Once your response is received, your application will be re-examined.

Note: If you need more time to respond, you can ask us for an extension of time.

Application not accepted after subsequent examinations

If your application isn't accepted after subsequent examinations, we’ll send you a final rejection notice. This may take up to 6 months to issue. You can request a hearing in relation to this decision.

3. Acceptance

A notice of acceptance of your GI registration will be sent to you, and the GI will be advertised in the Journal.

Within 3 months of the advertised acceptance, a person may oppose the application for registration of the GI. Both the opponent and the applicant can ask for a time extension.

See Hearings.

4. Registration

If no opposition is raised, we’ll register your GI not less than 6 months after the application filing date.

What happens next?

The registration of a GI is effective for 5 years from the deemed date of registration. After the first 5 years, a GI can be renewed for further periods of 10 years.

You can request a renewal up to 12 months in advance. If a GI isn't renewed by the due date, the registration will expire.

See Renew a GI.