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IPONZ website services will undergo an extended maintenance period between 7:00pm on Friday, 16 November and 6:00am on Monday, 19 November NZDT. The IPONZ case management facility will not be available during this time. We apologise for the inconvenience.


Manage IP

You can search, apply for, maintain and renew all Intellectual Property types from this page. Requests are processed within our published timeframes. If you're unsure about different types of IP, visit the homepage.

The Journal

The Journal of the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand is published on a monthly basis. It is comprised of general information in PDF format and an online section containing applications and registrations.

My case portfolio

Your Case Portfolio contains all IP cases managed by your organisation, both past and present. Your Inbox collects your tasks and notifications into a single dashboard, allowing you to manage any ongoing IP applications.


Subscriptions allow you to watch for any changes to existing cases, classes and specifications. You can have up to five active subscriptions at any time, and watch up to five classes or up to 1,000 cases per subscription.

Certified IP documents

You may request a copy of a document from your case file with an IPONZ certification code on it. You can then give this code to a third party so they can access this document online for verifcation purposes.